Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8-baby barn swallows

Fledgling barn swallows - Barn & Tree Swallows Gallery
Historically, mosquitoes have been plentiful in the Nisqually Delta. Swallows return to our area in April, dive-bombing, swooping, sometimes flying inches above the ground. Most of my neighbors hope the barn swallows will avoid nesting on their homes. Their mud nests do not damage walls but people don't like the inevitable droppings. I'm fascinated by these birds. So, of course, I photograph them. I have created a gallery with the images I photographed today, along with favorites of barn and tree swallows from the past four years.

Purple finches
The images I photographed today are recently fledged barn swallows who are growing up in a rock wall above a retention pond a couple of blocks from my house. A couple of young purple finches (distinguished from house finches by the red at the base of their tails) also joined the crowd.

Most of these were photographed with a 300mm lens so I could stay a good distance away. The parents were not thrilled that I was paying so much attention to their offspring, especially since I had a dog (Padme the wonderdog) with me.

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