Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19-Sun breaks

The sun broke through several times this morning. Each time I got ready to explore, I was stopped by more dark clouds and rain. Finally, a sun break lasted more than a few minutes, so Padme the wonderdog and I headed out for the woods.

I was in search of that magical light when sun and rain intermingle. These are my favorites. The first image is photographed with a macro (close-up) lens and the other with a normal lens - both at 75mm. The Nikkor (Nikon) lens I use is one I bought 15 years ago. It is a 28-105 telephoto with a macro feature. I don't think Nikon makes the lens with a macro feature anymore. At least, I haven't found one. The auto-focus controls are very touchy in close-ups. The focus couldn't decide what I was looking at, so I switched the focus to manual.

The small lights that show up behind the web are actually raindrops on a second spider web. You can see the web in the background of the second image. Both images were photographed in available light without flash.

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