Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20-Sky and water

© Kate Lynch - Rainbow ends at Hoffman Hill (via Anderson Island)
The sky and water were magical last night from the south side of the Nisqually Reach - the part of Puget Sound where the Nisqually River delta stretches out to islands and peninsulas. I attended the Nisqually Land Trust's annual salmon bake at Odd Fellows Park in Olympia.

© Kate Lynch - Anderson Island, Washington
I couldn't stop gazing at the changing moods of the sky and water. The food was wonderful too! Salmon caught not far from this spot.

When I looked at a map of the area tonight, I realized that the rainbow is directly over my neighborhood.

I will be adding photographs to my DuPont Nisqually online gallery this week. 

Good people doing good work - purchasing land to preserve salmon habitat, water quality, and this incredible slice of heaven.

© Kate Lynch - Key Peninsula and Anderson Island


  1. Those are incredible Kate. Thanks for sharing.
    Joe Kennedy
    Land Steward
    Nisqually Land Trust

  2. Thanks Joe! I really was listening...really. Just kept getting distracted by the light show over the water.