Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12 in the birdie spa

There were new visitors to the front yard birdie spa. For the past couple of weeks there have been lots of juvenile birds, mostly finches but an occasional evening grosbeak, black-headed grosbeak, and mourning doves. A flock of pigeons (rock doves) flies in once in awhile. This weekend, I thought a flock of starlings had discovered the feeders, and then I realized they were juvenile red-winged blackbirds. They are as skittish as starlings. Often, the finches don't fly off when I am outside watering.

Also spotted the first eastern gray squirrel I've seen in the past five years. I don't think this guy is a native squirrel, although he's a bit smaller than other eastern grays and has a thinner, shorter tail. I have seen a couple of chipmunks and a native tree squirrel but not often outside the woods.

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