Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6-Labor Day photos of the day

Padme the wonderdog and I spent a few hours this afternoon in Sequalitchew Creek Canyon. I posted several photos from our outing on Facebook. My favorite is this one of a plant called entire-leaved gumweed (Grindelia integrifolia). I photographed this salt marsh native in what is called the brackish marsh where tidal waters from Puget Sound meet Sequalitchew Creek. We walked down the bank to the marsh for a closer look just as it started to drizzle, making the marsh come alive.

I just started scanning slides from another long-ago adventure on a Labor Day weekend to another incredible canyon: Havasu Canyon in Arizona. Havasu is an offshoot of the Grand Canyon, formed by Havasu Creek. It is also home to the Havasupai Indians - Havasu ’Baaja (the-people-of-the-blue-green-waters) who live in the canyon. The Hualapai Indians live at the top of the canyon. And, yes, the water really is that incredible turquoise.

Mooney Falls
One set of falls is Mooney Falls and the other - with all the people - is Havasu Falls. All of those wonderful turquoise pools were washed away in a flood in 2008 and there are new falls in the canyon as a result.

Havasu Falls

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