Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18-Rain respite

It has been raining almost every day this week. The good news is the grass is green again. The bad news is that my tomatoes are still green. It always surprises people who have never been to Washington state that it hardly rains at all in July, August and September here. Most of us water lawns at least a couple of times a week to keep them alive. Some of my compulsive neighbors water all the time and, of course, have picture-perfect lawns.

In Phoenix, we let our lawns go golden in the winter, when Bermuda grass is dormant. In Washington, a lot of us do the same thing in the summer. Early this morning, we had a brief period of sun, then the clouds rolled back in. The weather forecasters call them "sunbreaks." The fence was steaming so much from the sun warming a very damp surface that I thought there was a fire on the other side.

Both of these images were photographed in available light (no flash) with a 75mm macro lens at 400 ISO.

I wonder if my neighbors think it's odd to see me in my pajamas photographing raindrops?

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