Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 9-Purple passion

Purple passion - Gynura aurantiaca - names a plant that adopted me more than 15 years ago. I named her Corcra Anam - Gaelic for Purple Soul. Corcra Anam is one of three plants I brought to Washington from Arizona in 2000. She has been with me through seven household moves. Last year, I began to notice parallels in Corcra's physical health that seemed to mirror my emotional health - my passion or lack of it.

For a couple of years, the plant was plagued with white flies. I sprayed so much insecticidal soap that the furniture around it was sticky.

Last year, I reconnected with an old friend I lost track of for 38 years. I told him about the plant. My friend asked when I last repotted Corcra. I told him that it had been at least five years. He suggested that maybe the plant's lackluster passion was a metaphor for mine.

Now Corcra lives in a much larger pot with organic soil. I also cut her stems back drastically because insects were attacking her weak parts and affecting her healthy parts. She has been transplanted and reshaped - much like me. I am cutting back and cutting out what no longer works for me. And adding in what is good for me.

Since the spring, Corcra's growth has really taken off - much like mine. I have been growing as an artist and growing into my soul. I am healing the connection between body and soul, finding the passion for my art, and the compassion for who and what surrounds me.

 Recently, I cut some branches from Corcra's tremendous growth and planted a new pot that lives in the front window. What is the metaphor for my life's front window?

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