Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5-Sky, Water & Trees

© Kate Lynch - Anderson and McNeil islands and Olympic Mountains
I managed to get home a few minutes earlier, so Padme and I made our way down to the perimeter trail below the golf course, where we walked with Ann (one of her very favorite humans) on Saturday. We had fog earlier today, then the sun melted that away to blue skies. It is still pretty dark in the woods at 6 p.m. The red squirrel we have seen the past few days was really tough to photograph at anything lower than 1600 ISO.

© Kate Lynch - Nisqually Delta and Madrone
© Kate Lynch -Glowing madrone trees
The sun and multi-hued sky playing on the water was phenomenal. These were photographed between 6:20 and 6:45 p.m. More images can be seen in my Nisqually and DuPont galleries.

Two more views of the Olympic Mountains are in my Mountains gallery.

To order framed and unframed prints, visit my Sky Water gallery.


  1. Is the Sky Water and Trees for sale? Where do I go to find it?

  2. Absolutely! I'll post these photos tonight in a place that you order. I just photographed them on Oct. 5. I look for comments and requests like yours to decide what images to add to my website. I should have a new gallery available to view late tonight here: http://www.katelynchphotographs.com/katelynch/places.html Many thanks!