Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23-Magical mushrooms

It's no wonder we call them toadstools. I can imagine a toad sitting on one of these. Or maybe they are gnome tables. With the rains returning, the variety of mushrooms and moss is incredible.

Photographing them is challenging though. The best way is to lie down on the ground at 'shroom level. That's also helpful because, with low light, being able to sit the camera on the ground to keep it steady is a plus.

Padme the wonderdog is losing patience with my frequent stops.

All photographs © Kate Lynch.

© Kate Lynch

© Kate Lynch


  1. Fungus are simply wonderful to shoot...nice forms, colorful, they don't get up and move..8o)
    I shoot them a lot at Peters Valley. No one seems to buy them but who cares...sometimes you have to do work for yourself...
    Nice images....thanks for sharing them...

  2. Thanks. Yeah, kind of ludicrous to put a copyright on them. I think they are fascinating subjects and, even if they stay put, they are not the easiest subject to shoot. Eventually I will add them to a photo illustration.