Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15-Nisqually colors

Delta Glow © Kate Lynch
Sunset is a guilty pleasure. Guilty? Yes, indeedy. Anyone who has weathered art school comes away with an internal bias about shooting sunsets. Everybody does it and it is so easy to become a cliché. I realize that I'm starting to push the cliché envelope with my favorite spot to photograph spectacular sky over water - in this case, the Nisqually delta. I'm driven to get to the bottom of the hill so I don't miss the changing colors. It's like an incredibly decadent visual chocolate that I can't stop eating. When it's gone, I'm a little sad but heartened that the next day could be even better.

Misty Isle © Kate Lynch
I am thankful that I am not the only photographer who succumbs to this guilty pleasure. A photographer friend of mine and her photographer husband spent a week at a favorite spot in Hawaii where they have been many times. They decided to leave their camera equipment at home and have a true vacation (photographers are never really on vacation). They figured they had captured all the spectacular sunsets they could ever need, both film and digital. I was amused, though, that my friend had (count 'em) 30 sunset images on her phone! Most were identical.

I share her addiction. Hi name is Kate and I am a sunset addict.

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