Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17-Sparkling Sequalitchew

Sequalitchew is a Lushootseed (dialect of Salish language) word that means either extensive sand banks over which the water is shallow or long run out tide or big tide. At low tide, sand was exposed for a great distance. The Sequalitchew Band of the Nisqually Tribe lived and fished here for thousands of years.

Those of us who live near Sequalitchew Creek Canyon and the Puget Sound beach at its delta know it as a beautiful respite filled with birds, ferns, trees, and a gentle babbling brook.

Padme and I introduced our friends Ann and Ken to a sparkling Sequalichew. I will post more images later this week. In the meantime, images from other journeys in the canyon can be seen in my DuPont Nisqually gallery.

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