Sunday, April 24, 2011

Neighborhood eagle

Padme the wonderdog and I often find unexpected things on our walks, usually in the skies.

Tonight we spotted a bald eagle flying around a small woodland behind some houses about a half mile from our house. DuPont is surrounded on three sides by Joint Base Lewis McChord and on the fourth side by Puget Sound. Much of the base on the west side of Interstate 5 is wooded. One of the base's golf courses, the aptly named Eagles Pride, is just a few blocks east of our house. I have seen a couple of adult bald eagles head for this woodland at night. I don't see a nest but it might be farther back in the trees. We watched for a few minutes, didn't see any more eagle activity, and it started to drizzle. So we moved on for today.

I am gradually updating my Eagles and Hawks gallery. There are a few favorite images in the gallery. More this week.

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