Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eagles near and far

We are seeing lots of bald eagles on our hill. When I was at the wildlife refuge last weekend, I noticed that the bald eagle nest above the twin barns was falling apart. I wondered if the increased foot traffic with the new boardwalk at the refuge is driving eagles higher up to nest. We are directly above the refuge.

Padme, Sean and I walked past the woodland where I saw a bald eagle a couple of days ago. The same eagle was preening and cleaning his feathers on the same snag. We watched him for a few minutes and heard him talking to another eagle that was out of eyesight. I asked a homeowner if he had seen a nest and he told me he heard there was one in the trees a few doors down, right where we heard the other eagle.

The sunset and clouds over the Olympics was glorious tonight. We got there just in time for the light show.

Eagles and Hawks online gallery

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