Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eagles nest and dramatic skies

We walked out the front door tonight to a downpour with hail chasing kids home from the park and quickening the steps of dog walkers. We waited a couple of minutes, then headed out as the shower slowed and the sun shone through. 

We took the street where we are seeing and hearing bald eagles, slowing next to each house to see if we could spot the nest. See if you can spot the nest. I could only see it clearly through my telephoto lens.

Two nights ago, the eagle grooming himself in the snag exchanged greetings with another eagle we could hear in the trees.

We didn't see or hear any eagles this time. It looks like they are still working on the nest. It seems rather precariously balanced.

A few minutes later we were treated to rainbows and spectacular cloud formations.  For other favorite skies, visit my Places and Sky and Water galleries.

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