Monday, April 18, 2011

Hummers - where are the girls?

Flash moving in

This week I put out two flower baskets, which helps block views between my two feeders. A male rufous and two male Anna's visit regularly, most frequently at dusk to tank up for the night. I haven't seen any female Anna's or rufous. I don't think the female rufous hummingbirds have arrived yet.

Rufous hummingbird

Tonight, a male rufous spent some time at the feeder, then flew off. A couple of seconds later, Flash landed in the same spot on the same feeder. Flash chased off another Anna's and took over both feeders.

Anna's hummingbird

Always watching
Padme the wonderdog and I spotted two male Anna's on our walk tonight - one about two blocks from our house and the other in the woods. Both were positioning and glowing in the sun. There do not appear to be any females around to impress with all that hummer bravado.

Please let me know any favorites you think I should add to my Hummer gallery.

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