Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mama eagle referees food fight

The babies are very big now, pretty much adult size. They still hang out in the aerie together but usually just at dinner time. Mama and papa eagle still regularly check on their youngsters, who will be getting ready in a couple of weeks for their extended camping trip to learn eagle hunting ways.

Mama and papa both hunt for food at least a couple of times a day but I've only seen mama actually dropping food at the nest.

This time, both babies were in the nest waiting for mama. When she arrived, all I could see was a jumble of wings. The only way I could tell mama was still there was seeing her white tail.

 Eventually she was able to extricate herself from the wing huddle.

She watched for a short time to make sure the kids were sharing.

Then she headed back out to the Nisqually delta, probably to feed herself this time.

The youngsters finished their dinner, then wondered where mom went. Brother started pestering his sister. She sparred with him for a few minutes, decided she'd had enough, and flew off to the trainer tree.

It was just another day for the growing eagle clan.

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