Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hanging with papa eagle

We were blessed with seeing one baby eagle's first flight. We heard her brother from somewhere in the woodland but didn't see him for a couple of days. For the past week, mama and papa eagle have stationed themselves in trees flanking the nest tree while the babies take turns flying to the trainer tree, which is perfect for practicing balancing on branches and moving from branch to branch.

Sister watches her brother and papa in the trainer tree from the nest.
This time brother eagle took center stage while his sister watched from the nest. The eaglets will be practicing short flights in the woodland and maybe to the ridge over the next few weeks.

By mid-August, the parents will begin coaxing them to hunt for themselves. In the meantime, it's been really entertaining to watch them interact with each parent and with each other.

Tomorrow: sister eagle hanging with mama eagle.

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