Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eagle food fight

When we were a couple of blocks away from the woodland where our neighborhood baby eagles are learning eagle ways, I saw two eagles flying in the direction of the nest. I wondered if it was mama and one of the babies because when we reached the nest, mama was in the trainer tree making sure the youngsters in the nest were eating.

A week ago we saw mama at a distance with another eagle but we couldn't tell if it was papa with her or one of the youngsters. I suspect she's taking them on short hunting trips one at a time. There was lots of wing action in the nest as brother and sister moved into position over dinner, which appeared to be a furry creature, probably a squirrel.

Sister eagle decided she'd had enough of the sharing thing and took off for a nearby tree with a large portion of dinner.

By the size of what she hauled off, it didn't look like she left her brother much. A few minutes later, she still had quite a bit of food while her brother stared at her from the nest. Siblings!

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