Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two baby eagles

Both babies are in the center; just the top of the head seen on right.
It's so exciting to see that both eaglets are in the nest! I spotted one baby and what looked like the top of another baby's head on Tuesday. They're about the same color as the tree bark, so if it's overcast (as it often is here), they're tough to spot. Then mama flew in and kept watch from the tree above and next to the nest. I was sure I heard two young eagle voices from the aerie.

The next night, one was practicing some "branching," which is part of eagle ground school, or make that nest school. They leap from branch to branch around the nest, testing wings, talons, and balance.

Timing seems to be about what it was last year, so I think we'll see first flight in about a month. And we'll hope to see two eagles fledge successfully.

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