Saturday, June 2, 2012

Birds of a feather

Male Anna's hummingbird shares an imaginary branch with a female bald eagle
Maybe bald eagles and hummingbirds aren't exactly birds of a feather but these two birds were in the same airspace at the same time. I was photographing mama eagle who was perched at the top of a tree and then flew off, circled and returned to another tree.

As I brought my camera down, I spotted an Anna's hummingbird at the top of a tree close to me. Then he whizzed past me to another tree across the street. All of this bird action happened in less than 10 minutes.

These are my first rough attempts at photo illustrations. I think they all have potential but will need a bit more to be cohesive works. Check out photo-montage and photo-illustrations in my Esoterica Gallery and Fantasy Flowers Gallerty.

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