Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birds of many colors

Female rufous hummingbird

Many different birds are visiting the front yard birdie spa now. And lots of babies. Apparently the folks showed their youngsters where to pick up a quick meal while they learn the ways of birds. The baby pine siskin perched on the side of the birdbath for half an hour. He fell backward into the water, got surprised, jumped back out, and fluffed out like he meant to do that.

Baby pine siskin
Strategically placed "hummer magnets" are bringing in my favorite birds but they are wise to human ways. I'm going to have to find ways to disguise myself when the light is optimal because the hummers can also see me on the inside of the window! A pair of rufous hummingbirds – one female and one male – have taken ownership of the feeders and the surrounding flowers. And the female has taken to feeding on flowers on the far side of the plants, so it's harder to get a good shot.

Male and female gold finches, and larger red crossbill on left.

Male purple finch

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