Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekending at the nest

Things are pretty quiet at my favorite eagle aerie. Mama is spending most of her time on the nest. I've photographed her a couple of times since I got this image. I was concerned because it looked like her bill was broken. I've now decided she was just a messy eater last Saturday. Yesterday, she was chowing down on something and feeding out-of-view youngsters. I'm pretty sure the baby or babies have hatched. She often sits with her head just above the rim of the nest.

Papa picks up some take-out, drops it at the nest, and goes off for another delta tour. He spends a lot of time keeping vigil in a nearby tree or snag, or sometimes flying overhead.

I just ordered a travel mug in stainless steel that features one of my favorite eagles - When eagles fly, so must I. Check it out.

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