Saturday, May 26, 2012

More eagle baby pics

This is pretty exciting: we think there are two babies this year. I haven't managed to see two little faces poking up at the same time but these photos were taken 30 seconds apart.In the top photo, there's a eaglet that you can barely see to the left of the little eagle face. Then the little eagle face on the right ducks down and there a new eagle face on the left. A couple of minutes later, I saw an eaglet face to the right of the "Y" branches. A third maybe? Tough to say right now in this well-camouflaged aerie. We met a couple last night who have lived across from the nest for four years and didn't know there was a nest, although they had certainly seen the eagle pair.

More than one eaglet would account for mama eagle spending more time outside the nest than she did last year with one youngster. I often see her in the nest for a short time, usually tearing up what papa brings for dinner into eaglet-sized chunks. Then she retires to the family room and watches out for intruders.

Often, it looks like a jumble of wings and a face, which means there are at least two. This one's from earlier this week. Looks a little like mothman!


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