Monday, May 7, 2012

Eagle songs

Eagles are very vocal and my favorite pair talk a lot. Around the nest, most of that is "kin" talk. When eagles talk to others in their clan, it sounds like a kind of chortling song.When they're chasing off predators, they have a very different message that usually comes across like a scream.

I spotted papa eagle about halfway up a large fir tree to the right of the nest. Then he flew around the far side of the grove and landed in the nest for a check-in with the family. A couple of minutes later, he circled to the left side of the nest to hang out on a favorite snag.

I heard mama talk to him as he landed. He threw his head back and told her that he was just going to be in his favorite chair watching stupid human tricks and ignoring the crows that kept trying to take over part of the sofa. This guy is really a character. I have many many images of him stretching, preening, and talking to the fam. One of my favorite blog posts was in May 2011 when I photographed Eagle Yoga. Check it out.

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