Monday, April 23, 2012

Eaglet just out of view

Mama was quite attentive to something she was eating and sharing in the nest this evening. Last year's eaglet wasn't really visible until he was about a month old because of the way the parents constructed the nest.

I wonder if they lost a young one when the original nest went down, so now they are extra careful about how they build and refurbish the nest? This aerie looks very secure and, unfortunately for this photographer, quite obscure.

 One of the neighbors across the street from the nest came out to talk to us. He couldn't figure out where the nest was, so we pointed it out. Without a telephoto lens or binoculars, it would be tough to see anything except a spot of white moving around in the branches.

Bald eagle nests are protected in Washington. More information about bald eagle management is on the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife's website.

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