Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pájaros y aves-Small & large Puerto Rican birds

Puerto Rican Emerald © Kate Lynch
I am still amazed at the variety of birds I saw in Puerto Rico in what was really a long weekend. The hummingbirds were very high in the tree. The light was bright but flat, so my shots were not great. I was excited to see many birds that are endemic to Puerto Rico and not generally seen outside the Caribbean islands. This one is a Puerto Rican Emerald. The other is the Puerto Rican Woodpecker.

I will post more on my blog and then create a new gallery of these very cool birds. In the meantime, you can check out other favorite winged creatures in my Fauna Gallery.

We were coming back from Mosquito Pier on the Atlantic side of the island when we spotted a very large bird circling above the bay. I thought it might be a great blue heron. I found out later that it was a magnificent frigatebird. Those are the birds that puff out a red throat sack during courting. This one is a female (no red throat).

Magnificent Frigatebird © Kate Lynch

Puerto Rican Woodpecker
Black-necked stilt © Kate Lynch

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