Sunday, June 19, 2011

Active eagle's nest

 I managed to screw up my new monopod by pulling a section completely out, in my haste to catch mama eagle leaving the nest and her youngster. The light was low and flat, so shots would have been cleaner with support from the monopod.

Ah well. Some fun views to catch nevertheless.

Mama eagle was tending the nest and talking to her mate, who was on lookout duty in the snag to the left of the nest.

I would love to know what she was saying. "The kid's hungry! Is it my turn AGAIN to get him some grub? Would it be too much to ask for you to pick something up on your way home once in awhile? Junior is as big as I am and has an appetite to match!"

I photographed these on Saturday. Tonight, there were four bald eagles - two adults and two juveniles - practicing on the thermals about a block from my house. By the time I got my camera, they had moved to the far side of the ridge over the Nisqually delta.

I'm convinced that they are all extended family of this prolific pair. A few weeks ago, I photographed papa eagle with two juveniles about a block from the nest.

I recently joined an artists cooperative in Tacoma - 253 Collective - and will be exhibiting prints of some of these images. Please let me know your favorites. I will have a special showing "For the Birds...and the Trees" in August.  I will have prints from my Talons, Hummers, and Nisqually galleries.

Mama left the nest, glided past papa eagle, made a large circle around the woodlands behind the nest, and then was gone from view. I waited a few minutes but she apparently was off hunting. Meanwhile Junior tried out his wings. I think it won't be long until he fledges.  I am still only seeing one youngster, unless they are only showing themselves one at a time.


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