Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fishing eagle

We spent a couple of hours at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge with some friends. Rain with sunbreaks - a term I had never heard before moving to rainy western Washington - punctuated the day and kept the usual Saturday crowds to dedicated birders and photographers.

We watched a female bald eagle fishing for crab on the banks of Medicine Creek. Fishing wasn't very good, though, so she headed for a favorite fishing platform in the trees. See Talons Gallery for more.

Hundreds of swallows - tree, barn, violet blue, and cliff - cleared the air of clouds of gnats and other insects. See Swallows Gallery for more.


  1. Kate, I just love your Swallows Gallery. I had a nest of 3 on my porch 2 summers ago and was mesmerized by the whole process! They are such beautiful and majestic hunters and wonderful parents.

  2. Your photos of lavendar are simply beautiful, Kate.

  3. Laura, your comments showed back up! I already sent you a reply anyway. Maybe later this summer I'll write it as a blog entry. :-) Blessings.