Monday, May 9, 2011

Eagles' nest drama

Sean, Padme the wonderdog, and I walked down to where our neighborhood eagles are nesting to see how things were going. There was no sign of the male eagle but we spotted a white head above the nest. While I was photographing, a young woman who lives in one of the houses that flank the nest came across the street to tell me that I just missed the juveniles doing a fly-by. She told us that the pair pushed three juveniles out of the nest recently but they fly by to say hi to mom. I wondered if they were the same juveniles I saw above Ridgeview Trail a couple of weeks ago.

Then the young woman's mother came over to introduce herself and told me the pair has been nesting in the area for a few years. The original nest was up higher but crashed in a windstorm. This nest is more protected. It looks a little like a bunker, so the pair certainly learned how to build a stronger nest.

We continued on our walk. As we rounded the block to the north, Sean pointed to the sky. We saw two eagles flying by the nest and heard mama eagle talking to the youngster. Bald eagles have an endearing kind of chortle they speak to their loved ones.

Then we saw papa eagle shooing away his youngster who actually looks quite a bit larger than dad. What a blessing to experience. For more eagles, hawks, and other raptors, visit my Talons Gallery.

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