Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 22-Fish like an eagle

My son and I spent late afternoon at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge which is, happily, five miles from our house - less than three miles if we walked there.

We live right above the refuge, a little to the left of the tree in the photo on the left.

We see bald eagles at least once each day, usually flying down to the refuge for lunch or dinner, then back up above our hill to glide on the winds and torment the local birds. We saw three balds on this visit, a kestrel, a few herons, and lots of Canada geese.

When I see a bald eagle in the sky I follow and shoot as fast as I can. I'm often surprised at the result. This time, I managed to capture a eagle fishing in McAllister (Medicine) Creek.

I see a 500mm lens rental in my future. I got some great shots but was too far away for the 300mm lens. More images in my Nisqually gallery and Hawks & Eagles gallery.


  1. Just beautiful, I love your work Kate. I will be sure to check back for more!

  2. Thanks Laurie! I usually post a link on my Facebook photography page when I update the blog. I think you will also get an update through Blogger.