Monday, January 3, 2011

Hummer Jim and a lady friend

Jim and I spent some time dancing around the feeders this weekend. He still hasn't figured out that I'm the one who brings the feeders out every morning (we've had several below 25 degree mornings). He challenges me on a regular basis. If I touch a feeder after hanging it, he will buzz close to the feeder and spread out his tail feathers like I'm a rival hummer.

I managed to get a few shots of his aerobatics at the feeder. Mostly, though, he would station himself on the far side of the feeder, where it was tougher to get him in focus. By the way, if you missed my entry about naming this hummer Jim, here it is.

Then he zips back to one of his posts in the plum tree. When I walk into the front yard, still about 10 feet from the feeders, he will move higher in the tree or move to the plum tree in my neighbor's yard. This time, though, he positioned himself in one of the shrubs about two feet from the porch and directly below one of the feeders.

A moment later, a female Anna's hummingbird landed on the feeder close to me - about 4 feet away. She sat and slowly ate. I don't know if she was able to slip in because I was there and she knew Jim wouldn't come over or he was protecting the space so that she could feed. I will gradually add to my Hummer gallery. In the meantime, stay tuned for hummer adventures in the birdie spa.

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