Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28-More Jim Hummer

Hummer Jim © Kate Lynch
I stayed home to nurse a cold and felt lots better in the afternoon. It was in the low 40s today with light winds and no rain. But gray skies, so light is challenging when photographing small quick birds like my hummer friend Jim. Well, I think we're becoming friends. He actually came to the feeder as long as I didn't have the camera up to my face.  I'm planning to spend more time getting to know Jim a bit better this weekend.

Free to be Jim © Kate Lynch

Later I experimented with fill flash. I don't like to use flash for nature photography because the colors are often harsh. In order to freeze the action, though, I had to either bump up the ISO or use flash. A higher ISO produces a coarser image. Here's an example of images with and without flash.

With flash (left) and without © Kate Lynch


  1. He's cute, we have a hummingbird that we named Napoleon outside our house, he's been around for almost a year. I have to pull out the 70-200 to take shots of him, luckily we have the bright San Diego sun, so a flash isn't necessary. Can't wait to see more pictures of Jim.

  2. Yup...all of these were shot with a 70-300mm, at 300mm. I started out shooting at 400 ISO and ended at 800 ISO, so I could keep the shutter speed fast enough. Although it's a Nikkor lens, the quality is so-so. I want to rent a 400mm lens, maybe early spring.