Friday, May 16, 2014

Eagle babies two

Squirrel. It's what's for dinner.
 Ariel and I have visited the new eagle's nest a few times in the past couple of weeks. The nest is more open, so the lighting is much better. But these are good eagle parents. They've built up the "crib bumpers" all around the nest. There are only a couple of spots I can get a good view of the inside of the nest. One spot requires being quite a distance away. You can see the challenge with the two images here of the two eaglets together. They appear grainy because I was so far away. Even with a 400 millimeter lens.

I saw one eaglet and was pretty excited. This is my fourth year photographing this pair and their families. 

This was the first time I got a good view of one of the babies in early fluff. In the earlier nest, it was harder to spot anything but the tops of their fuzzy heads. Mama and papa take turns watching over their youngsters. I suspected there were two or more. Two of the last four years, there was one baby and one of the parents stayed in the nest until baby was ready to fledge. With two babies, the parents stayed nearby but not in the nest except for feedings. 

 This one small space is where I've managed to spot one of the parents feeding baby. I suspected there might be another baby because she looked like she was feeding another just out of sight. 

The next day I found a spot where I could see more of the nest - and the other baby. 

This is shaping up to be to be a very special eagle season.

I'll be adding more images to my Talons Gallery. Let me know if you have favorites that you'd like to see me add. Thanks for reading!

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