Monday, May 20, 2013

Eagle laughter

 Mama and papa are spending a bit more time out of the nest, taking a break from their youngster or youngsters. So far, I've only seen one fuzzy head but there could be one or two more on the other side of their massive aerie.

One or more of last year's brood have been stopping by to visit - a mixed blessing for the eagle parents. They present a united front to protect this year's brood until they can protect themselves.

These two are incredibly well matched. They are as one. And they truly enjoy each other. This past weekend, I met one of the neighbors whose house backs onto the nesting area. He told me the nest has been there as long as he's lived there - since 2002. That makes this pair 15-16 years old or more. He also told me that they often see other adults and juveniles in and around the nest area, during the fall and winter, when nesting season is done. A further indication that we live among a cohesive clan of multiple related families.

We watched the nest for awhile and both said as one: "it is truly a blessing to have an eagle's nest here." Amen.

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