Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eagles return to the ridge

Two juveniles soar thermals along the ridge over Puget Sound
The skies have been quiet for the past couple of weeks. My theory is that nesting eagles and their fledglings are off on a summer excursion to get those hunting skills down before winter. It seems that the eagle code of conduct includes keeping a respectable distance from nesting/roosting areas. We've spotted an occasional juvenile in the area but nothing like the activity when the youngsters were in the nest.
Two eagles practice air dancing, something common in courtship and fighting.
The past couple of evenings, we've seen congregations of four or five eagles over the eastern section of Hoffman Hill above the Nisqually delta. They've been mostly backlit, so it's tough to figure out if they are adults, juveniles or a mix. Last night, it was clear that there were two adults and three juveniles. Could they be our eagle mates and their youngsters from this year and last?

Two juveniles and two adults. A third juvenile was just out of view.
Two adult eagles air dancing.
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