Monday, January 16, 2012

The many moods of Jim

Jim the hummer
This weekend,  we've had a dusting of snow and overnight deep freezes here in western Washington. At daybreak Jim, my resident male Anna's hummingbird, takes up his post in the plum tree a few feet from the feeders on my porch.

If I puff myself up, I'm bigger than you, finch!
At one point, there were three males and one female in the birdie spa, although not all at the same time. "Buzz," another male, must be kin because Jim tolerates him at the feeders for quite awhile before chasing him off. There must be a kind of winter code among normally territorial hummers. Food is scarce and no one is quite sure why Anna's winter here and elsewhere in the west. Most hummingbirds migrate south. Jim stayed in the tree until sundown, along with 2-3 dozen finches, juncos, chickadees, and pine siskins. The only time he left the area was to chase off another hummingbird that was spending way too much time at his feeders. I have been photographing hummingbirds for the past several years. To see others, visit my Hummer Gallery.

Scarf? I don't have no stinking scarf!
Now I'm really seeing red! Scram!
Time for a stretch
This is my unicorn impression.

This is my phoenix impression.

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  1. Sigh, tis late. Succeeded in staying on your site for awhile. Googled word and picture. The disappearing problem seems to occur when I try to click on links in Facebook, but not when I get to site via a google search. Could not comment on your reflections on photography, though, and do not want to sign up to be a google follower at this point. Re your thoughts on photography & getting people to pay for your work: I dunno . . . There have been MANY artists who did not achieve success during their lifetimes, I believe. Walt Whitman, no? Or Poe. Julie of Julie and Julia fame had a maniacal blog for a year, I think, which attracted the attention of a NYT journalist, I believe, which led to her comnmercial success. Maybe you should not put a book about eagles on line, try to self publish in small quantities. But where would you sell it? One of my college roommates, Lillian Greenberg never did make any money to speak of from her art. Don't know about her antique shop. Her son, who was quite talented, and was in charge of layout and graphics for Vanity Fair, ended up getting a master's in programming from Columbia, and working on the Brooks Brothers web site (don't know which was first). I'm going to have to be annonymous, I think, cause I don't have a URL. Tried email address, but that wasn't acceptable. It's Mary