Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eagle tightrope walking

Juvenile bald eagle spent a few weeks "branching," jumping from branch to branch in their massive aeries, practicing pouncing, flapping. Learning the eagle ways.

This youngster fledged a couple of weeks ago. A few days ago, he was spending time back in the aerie and papa eagle was keeping watch again. The past few nights, he has been stationed in the flight training tree. He continues to practice eagle ways by jumping, sometimes flying from branch to branch.

These parents chose their nest and flight training site well. The flight trainer is a quick glide from the nest...just in case. The trees around the trainer tree have many soft branches to break youngster's fall if he loses his balance.

I suspect this family doesn't lose many babies. Junior is perched near the top on the right side of the left-hand tree. The nest is in the lower tree on the right.

Mom returned - without food - just as the sun slipped below the trees along the ridge. This is the time eagle parents bring less food to encourage the youngsters to take longer trips away from the nest and toward the hunting area.

I will be showing several images from my visits with my neighbor eagles at 253 Collective gallery in Tacoma, beginning with an opening (with bird-friendly treats!) on August 18. Details are on my website: For the Birds & the Trees. 

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