Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring in the birdie spa

Spring has sprung in the birdie spa with lots of play, positioning, and a little jousting.

The hummers have lots more to keep them happy with favorite flowers blooming in the woods and insects reappearing.

It took about an hour to get a few mostly bad shots of a male Anna's, somewhat smaller than "Jim" who stationed himself in the plum tree through the winter.

A pair of chickadees spent a lot of time here today but are really tough to catch.

Lots of house finches and Oregon dark-eyed juncos visited the feeders and the tree. Last week I saw a couple of finches picking plum blossoms and eating them.

Rufous hummingbirds, barn swallows, and tree swallows will likely be in the birdie spa in the next week or so. We usually see rufous by the last week in March, and swallows shortly after. See my Fauna Gallery for past visitors.

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