Thursday, February 24, 2011

Humming in Winter

I spent an hour this morning trying to get to work on an iced-over freeway in driving snow. After seeing several four-wheel-drive trucks spin out five miles from home, I decided that telecommuting would be a better choice. It took almost another hour to return home.

"Jim," my favorite wintering Anna's hummingbird, hung out in the birdie spa in the front yard most of the day.

Jim does not like the camera shutter click. The flash doesn't seem to bother him as much as the click. Maybe it sounds like a challenger.

There may be an addition or two to my Hummer gallery soon.

Another male Anna's buzzed in later in the day. I decided to give them an hour or so before sundown to visit the feeders without the camera around.

It's supposed to dip into the teens tonight. I bring the feeders in at night when the temps are below 28 degrees Fahrenheit to keep them from freezing. Once the temperature gets above 30, the feeders stay thawed.

I'm guessing that hummingbirds don't get ice cream headaches....

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