Friday, July 9, 2010

July 8 photo of the day

So, does it count as a photo a day if I shoot it but it takes me a day or two to get it out of my camera? Ok, I actually have missed two days this week. I'll make up for it this weekend. It has been unusually hot here in western Washington. It was 95 yesterday and 91 today. I waited until almost sundown to walk the dog. I had to douse myself with bug spray to survive the mosquito onslaught. Ridgeview Trail in DuPont has an official on-the-map section and an unofficial section that hasn't been fully developed to get rid of all of the things that trip people up. Everybody uses the trail anyway because it has spectacular view. An example is on my website - a panoramic of sunset over the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. That image was photographed almost one year ago to the day from the one I am posting for my July 8 photo. This is photographed from the "unofficial" section of trail which is on the perimeter road for the former DuPont explosives factory, now a golf course.

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