Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A break from nesting?

I still can't figure out where my favorite bald eagle pair are nesting. I see one or the other in one of the favorite "keeping watch" trees. And because I'm not seeing them together in those trees, I'm assuming that one is sitting on a nest...somewhere. One of my neighbors photographed them mating, so that's probably what's going on. This pair has typically hatched babies about this time and we start seeing fuzzy eaglets by mid-May. They develop pretty quickly and are ready to fledge (fly the nest) anywhere from mid-July to mid-August.

Something's different this year, though. There are more eagles of varying ages fairly close to the nesting area. They normally wouldn't allow any other eagles nearby and would be keeping pretty close watch.

 Last night, I watched one of the pair (mama, I think) talk to kin flying high above the nesting area. There was another adult and a juvenile eagle, about two years old. Then mama took off and joined them. 

I watched them for about half an hour in two different locations. Mama flew with the other adult eagle (papa?), then did flight maneuvers with the juvenile eagle. Then they all glided off to the Nisqually delta.

More images in my Eagle Season gallery. 

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